Headstart2 Online

Ukrainian Headstart2 is available online with no download necessary. Click the link below to begin.

Requirements: Web browser


If you are looking to earn promotion points for completing Headstart2, you must first register with ATTRS and then sign up for Headstart2 via Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) at: https://jkodirect.jten.mil/

The Headstart2 course versions hosted at DLIFLC.edu and lingnet.org also will not track your progress remotely, so if you need to use more than one computer or are on a shared machine, please use the JKO version of Headstart2 as well. https://jkodirect.jten.mil/


Ukrainian Headstart2 exposes users to more than 1,000 key terms and phrases, and provides users with important communication tools that they need in preparation for deployment.

Course Structure

Headstart2 consists of two units containing ten modules each. Unit One (Sound and Script) teaches the basics of the Ukrainian language in twenty interactive tasks. Unit Two (Military) consists of a total of fifty mission-specific tasks. These tasks are designed according to military training format and include scenarios covering public safety, medical situations, basic command, cordon and search, and even gathering intelligence.

Your user information is stored on your local computer only, so be aware that your progress is not transferable to other locations. Also, we will not be able to help you reset your password, so please pick something that is easy for you to remember. Avoid using your AKO account information. Your password must be 8-25 characters with at least one uppercase letter, at least one number, and at least one lowercase letter.

Supplemental Materials

Headstart2 also features over 100 PDFs with writing drills that provide the user with the opportunity to practice writing the target script. Other features include animated capstone military scenarios, culture notes, grammar notes, a writing tool, a sound recorder, a glossary, and a cultural resources section.